Australian Open, 1.26.09

One of my favorite tennis tournaments is the Australian Open.  Its late-night action is perfect for a night owl like myself and its hard courts are my favorite surface.  There is something soothing about tennis, where the play moves quickly and in a nice rhythm (golf and soccer can also by hypnotic in the same sense).

As a college student, and now a mildly employed adult, I am expert at taking a nice nap while listening to a mid-afternoon soccer or tennis match.  These naps remind me of my dad, who was always falling asleep to golf on Sunday afternoons.  As I have grown older, distance, both physical and emotional, has separated us.  Yet when we are talking about sports, I feel together again.

I think this is my favorite part of sport, the ability to bring people together (maybe not this year).  The democracy of sports, fans courtside cheer for the same players as those in the rafters, is what makes me love them so much.

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