Candy Saturday

When I was younger, Saturday was a good day.  Twice a month, my dad would take me and my siblings, with our allowance clutched in our dirty little fists, to the convenient store to spend our money on as much candy as we could get for a dollar (or two, if we had been saving properly).

In that vein, this weekly Saturday post is going to focus on a type of delicious candy that is available for less than a dollar.  Candy is unique, because it is still relatively cheap (perhaps it has even lost value from the ‘dime-store’ era: according to my trusty inflation calcuator, $.10 in 1930 is $1.23 today).  We can only hope that it will remain cheap forever.

Look for tasty treats like Skor bars or Cowtails or Now-and-Laters in the coming weeks.  Suggestions are always welcome in the comments, just limit them to items that are available for less than $1 at most convenient stores.

5 Responses to “Candy Saturday”

  1. Mat Thomas says:

    Grammar question: Is the clause in the predicate of the second sentence ordered correctly?

    More simply, should it read ‘my siblings and me’ or ‘me and my siblings.’

  2. Whitney says:

    Economy Candy will have to satisfy my sweet tooth here in NYC (, but Boone’s Mast General Store will forever be in my heart (

  3. aldred says:

    Me don’t think it matters as long as you got the ‘me’ not the ‘I’ in that sentence. Tootsie Rolls is my vote – both waxy chocolate midgees and the more 1980s fruit flavors – lime, lemon, vanilla (weird!), cherry. Something about the texture is just great.

  4. walth says:

    boones general store is awesome… my favorite is the ‘dr. pepper’ in a glass bottle you can get in the very back of the store, with the requisite bottle opener built into the side of the cooler! they just dont make it like that anymore. as far as candy goes, my all time favorite candy bar is the charleston chew, while my favorite candy is mike and ike (which, lets be honest, are just a bastardization of jelly beans). also i like raspberry coins (? not sure of the name) as my favorite candy you can buy by the pound.

  5. cbgb says:

    oohhh this post makes me feel five and happy. i don’t know if i was ever given a whole dollar to buy candy with, but i do remember a penny candy store my parents would take my sisters and i to when we were younger. it always smelled like smoke but the old lady at the front was super-nice and 25 cents sure did go a long way. p.s. dots (the kind you pull off the paper) rock my socks.

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