Media Monday: Law & Order

After struggling with all aspects of dime.oftheweek, I am changing Monday’s topic from Current Events Monday to Media Monday.  Media Mondays will deal with the evolution of the dime store in the Aughts.  Mondays will now incorporate television, movies and music that keep the dime store ethic alive in a new century.  First topic, Law & Order.


Round Up:

Law & Order Tittle Card

Law & Order Title Card

Law & Order is one of the longest running shows on television.  It is currently in its 19th season airing Wednesday nights at 10pm on NBC.  However, its place in the dime store cannon has been secured through its syndication on TNT, as well as its ability to sprout spin-offs like Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Law and Order: Special Victims UnitLaw & Order, the original, contains all the features of a great dime store novel, translated to the small screen.  It has a formula, so finely honed that a fan of the show can know the future in the first ten minutes.  It has loveable characters, like D.A. Jack McCoy and Det. Lenny Briscoe.  All in all, not a bad way to spend a spare hour (as long as your mate (life- or room-) is willing to watch).

Recommendation Level:

Five Stars (out of Five).  If you like drama, mystery and murder, this show should appeal to you.  If you are a fan of dime store novels and their ability to draw you in, this show is your chance to get your hit from TV instead of a book.


Season One Titles

Jack McCoy, at his best

(Still learning how to embed files in a player… MTC or BP, I am looking at you for some help!)


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6 Responses to “Media Monday: Law & Order”

  1. Mat Thomas says:

    Thanks to aldred and Whitney for keeping on me about dime.oftheweek. Without them, I may have let this site just whither away.

  2. Whitney says:

    Between you and Kate, I’ve certainly had my opportunity to become a Law and Order addict. Yet, somehow it hasn’t happened. This post my change my ways once and for all…

  3. MTC says:

    I have no idea why WordPress does it differently than others, but you can embed youtube videos by doing the following: [youtube (whatever the URL is)]

    Example: [youtube will embed your Jack McCoy clip.

    The same applies for vimeo clips ([vimeo (URL)]), but you can also embed anything using Vodpod if you’d prefer:

    I look forward to future Media Mondays!

  4. Tuna says:

    I LOVE Law & Order and look forward to many more Media Mondays!

    On another note, should the caption for the picture read: “Law & Order Title Card,” instead of “Tittle” Card?

  5. Whitney says:

    More! I need more!

  6. Tuna says:

    I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is more MEDIA MONDAYS!

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