MLK Day, 1.19.09

Snow is in the forecast for the Triangle.  Hopefully, it will come because there are few things more disappointing than the promise of a snow day unfulfilled.  This week also holds the inauguration of President Obama.   Obama offers a new hope to everyone.  Perhaps, Obama and the new administration are the snowstorm that everyone is hoping for (at least in the South).

If Obama delivers on his potential, there is no doubt that there will be a change for the better, just like a meager six inches of snow will deliver incredible amounts of fun for me (and kids throughout North Carolina).  Yet, if Obama fails to deliver, the hope he has raised will in part create the disappointment that comes.

I cannot say what will happen; in fact, anyone who claims to know is lying.  Still, I am waiting with intense interest for the coming storm.

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  1. aldred says:

    Mmm. Nice dime store elision of snowday-inaugurationday. I’d say even if the next four years are a dreadful slog through an economic depression, nothing can diminish from the moment of tomorrow and all the joy and anticipation that have been harnessed the past few years, months, weeks building to this. I hope it snows in North Carolina, and that the sun is shining mightily in D.C.

  2. aldred says:

    btw, nice getting that in at 11.59

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